Jacob Bearden


Joanna Perez

Jacob Bearden, 10, displays one of his wooden swords from his collection.

Joanna Perez


“When I was younger, I used to watch samurai movies and that really piqued my interest in swordplay. Swordplay is the concept of the medieval sword art of being able to spar with other people using a sword. There are many things you can use, from a dagger to a great sword, which is a really heavy sword. It’s excruciatingly heavy so you need strength to use it. I have three swords of my own. Two of them belonged to my father, who had given them to me, and one I found that someone was getting rid of. It was badly damaged, but I repaired it. As far as weapons go, I use a long sword, which is right under the category of a great sword. You need to have a passion for it because if you don’t have a real interest for it, you won’t be that great at it.”