Island Inhabitants: Mason Hastings


Maggie Hart, Writer

I decided to help out with the tornado because I know if something were to happen to me or my family I would want the help of others. I believe as a community we should always stick together and that is one thing that I am grateful to have.  This community always provides help when it’s needed. Knowing that I was helping my community and the families that needed it the most made my heart happy.  I’m sure the families were very grateful to have some help. Seeing the families that are in my community struggle for simple needs broke my heart.  We have always had a great community here at Buffalo Island and seeing it all taken away in a matter of seconds was heartbreaking.  Some of the worst conditions I have worked in was in my hometown, Leachville.  I helped my family pick up all their clothes, shoes, toys, ect. along with helping an older man pick up pictures of his family in apartments.  He told us his whole family lived there with him and he had to gather as much as he could.  This experience totally changes the way I look at life in general. In a blink of an eye everything can be ripped away from you.  This could include home, family members, friends, vehicles, and memories… I am even more grateful for everything I have.