Island Inhabitants: Destanie Shubert


Sarah Ray

“Throughout my three years being in yearbook, two of them I have been the editor. For both of my years being editor I have competed to achieve the award of Yearbook Editor. This year and last year I won those titles. Not only that but I have also won Photojournalist of the Year last year, and then Designer of the Year this year. Winning these awards is a huge honor and it’s taken time and effort to get to where I am. I can look back and point out the little successes and growths. For example, my sophomore year I competed in communications day at ASU and won honorable mention in Photography. Then in my junior year I won third place, and finally first place my senior year. You grow each year with the new experiences that yearbook brings you. I’ve grown with my communication skills, leadership, and confidence. ASPA is a huge ordeal. Arkansas Scholastic Press Association Yearbook Editor of the Year and Designer of the Year. I’m super shocked that me, among all the other schools and students that competed against me, I’m the one who was awarded these awards. I’m truly honored.”