Island Inhabitants: Carson Carroll


Abby Rece, Writer

This is my senior year of high school—-this year I play first base for baseball and I play Uncle Henry in the musical The Wizard of Oz that our school is doing. Managing my time between baseball and the play is easy yet very tiring. I leave after sixth hour, I go home, get my baseball stuff together and if I have practice for the musical that day, I get my stuff together for that too. I go back to school for baseball practice during eighth hour. If I have practice for the musical that day I go back home after baseball practice, then I come right back to the school for practice. For baseball we only have an hour each day to practice, but coach keeps us very much on task. The reason I decided to do the musical this year is because Mrs. Nancy has asked me for the past three years, so I decided to try out. The idea of being on stage in front of a bunch of people is stressful, although I do genuinely enjoy being in the musical. Baseball is something that I enjoy, but I do not see myself playing baseball beyond high school. At the college I plan to attend, I would not have time to play baseball considering I would have classes and have to work to pay for college.