Houston, we have a problem

The front of Houston Pendergrass’s Dodge Ram shows the damage from his recent collision with a cow on a local county road.

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

Saturday, Aug. 28, Houston Pendergrass was having a good day. He went fishing with his friends and planned to attend the memorial show for Cody Michener. After coming home from fishing, he took a shower and headed to the show around nine p.m. Maybe taking a gravel road wasn’t the best choice because that is where Houston  hit a 300 pound black cow.

” I was driving down the road and the cow got in the road, and I couldn’t stop in time and I hit it,” he said. “I thought it was a dog such as a German shepard,”

He stopped immediately after running over the cow in his Dodge Ram. “It felt like a big bump in the road, like a wash out,” Houston said.

He got out of his truck and called everyone in his phone book. In the three minutes before help arrived, Houston checked on the cow and surveyed the damage to his truck.

“I was pretty mad because I ran over the cow and I messed up my truck and the cow didn’t die instantly, so I kind of felt bad,” Houston said. “The cow just laid down and kind of crawled off into the field and mooed,”

When his parents showed up, they were just glad that he was okay. The cow, unfortunately, had to be shot in the head. No citations were issued to Houston by the law enforcement officers on the scene.