Horror in the Hollow creeps to the top

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

Stomach drops. Fear in the eyes. The terror kicks in. The chainsaw sounds louder. The screams sound as if someone is being murdered. The line moves up. Now only six people left until you face your fears.

Straight up, I will tell you that Horror in the Hollow deserves a “Yay.”  Horror in the Hollow, also known as Pumpkin Hollow in the day, is located at Piggott, Arkansas. Horror in the Hollow has three main attractions: Bubba’s Butcher Barn, Forest of Fright and the Mad Skull Mine.

This year, the producers of Horror in the Hollow did a fantastic job. The costumes resembled ones from horror films and the actors did a great job scaring people. Not only did the actors hide in the forest, barn or mine, but they walked around the line while people were waiting and did a successful job of scaring them.

I’ve heard recently that Horror in the Hollow wasn’t as scary, but my mind was quickly changed when I went through the mine, simply because the fact that my group was crammed into a small compact tunnel, making it hard to see the people who were going to scare you. Needless to say, my eyes were shut the whole time. However, the sound of my friends’ screams made me fearful, because I’ve never heard them scream like that before. Luckily I’m short so the height of the tunnel didn’t affect me. However, my friends weren’t so lucky causing them to complain about their backs hurting from hunching over. Also, here’s a tip to future goers. Wear earplugs, and you will glad be you did.

The Forest of Fright line was massively long. I think I waited in line for about an hour and a half, but standing in line for that long built up the suspense, which I would say wasn’t a good thing. I’m saying this because I really wasn’t scared. Yes I screamed, jumped and ran, but I kept my eyes open meaning it wasn’t worth the wait in my opinion.

Bubba’s Butcher Barn wasn’t half bad. The wait was short and the theatrics were well-thought out, that is until we ran into the group ahead of us which took the suspense away. Now if one is claustrophobic, I wouldn’t recommend this because you have to squeeze your way through tightly compressed air bags coming from the walls.

All in all the Horror in the Hollow was worth $25. Just keep in mind to wear comfortable running shoes because one will have to wait in line for hours. So rest well, since you won’t be home by bedtime and go see what Horror in the Hollow is about.