Homegrown Teacher


Rebecca Stefl , Staff

As the start of the school year begins to unfold, many students have to adjust to the routines of a new school year. There are many changes for middle schoolers moving up to the tenth grade, but sophomores aren’t the only ones acclimating to the foreign waters of BIC High School. Mrs. Pamela Fleeman has had to adjust to working in an entirely new school district to start the 2019-2020 school year.

Mrs. Fleeman will be filling the role of Chemistry and Physical Science teacher for ninth and eleventh grade students. Before teaching chemistry, she taught at Manilla for 18 years in the areas of math and science.

Fleeman has always possessed a passion for teaching. She explained that she used to set up a pretend classroom to teach imaginary students when she was a child. It was a career she always dreamed of pursuing.

When she’s not in the classroom, her “fun time” is spent as a sales director for Mary Kay, where she has  around 500 customers.

After being asked about what had made her start teaching she replied, “My mother said, ‘you will go to college, but you have a choice. You can either be a nurse or become a teacher.’ I love to share knowledge, and I love young people,” said Fleeman, making the choice an easy one for her.

Mrs. Fleeman is what you could call a “homegrown” teacher, having grown up in Leachville, marrying a young farmer from Manila, and then raising three children there. To the average person she may seem like an ordinary instructor, but through the eyes of other students and teachers she is an extraordinary educator and person. She has already left an everlasting mark on the lives of those in the BIC community, which will continue to grow now that she has returned to our school.