GT students witness birth and death in same day

RACHEL SIMMONS – Hoof Prints Staff

Roll check. A short bus ride. A quick walk into a building filled with other students. A brief description of what was about to take place. And then the lights went dim.

This was the beginning of Thursday, Oct. 14 for Hunter Martin, sophomore. He, along with a group of Gifted and Talented students, took a field trip to see the play Frankenstein at the Forum in Jonesboro.

The play started off with Dr. Frankenstein telling his wife after their marriage that he was going to be killed. The play then led into Dr. Frankenstein’s discovery of his brother’s murderer. After a sequence of events, the play ends with Dr. Frankenstein shooting the monster and the monster walking down into the river. Hunter says that he enjoyed Frankenstein very much. His favorite part was when Dr. Frankenstein destroyed the monster’s bride.

“They played the role. It was excellent and you felt emotions through the play,” Hunter said.

Hunter recommends the play, especially if you’ve never seen the films or read the book. To Hunter, the climax of the play was when Dr. Frankenstein destroyed the monster’s bride because you then knew the reason that the monster was going to attempt to kill the doctor.

Throughout the play Hunter felt suspense. His mood did shift a few times. When the gunshots were fired, Hunter said he jumped a little bit. He had sympathy for the Frankensteins when they were discussing Dr. Frankenstein’s brother’s death. He was also saddened by the death of Dr. Frankenstein’s mother when she was suddenly startled by the monster’s appearance.

“The play would have to be a pretty good adaptation of the real thing, I’d say,” Hunter said.