Flatliners: A Read Heartstopper

Flatliners: A Read Heartstopper

Cadyn Qualls, Editor

Based on Peter Filardi’s novel, “Flatliners” has left viewers of the 2017 film checking their pulses themselves. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev and released on September 29th, the film is based upon the endeavors of five medical students with a hungry drive to be rocketed above their fellow students, competitors of their dream occupations.


In order to gain a step ahead, the students are willing to risk their safety & lives. Sneaking into the hospital basement, students stop each other’s hearts to examine brain waves after death. Ultimately, they seek to know what exactly happens beyond this life.


Though poorly advertised, the film did not disappoint, full of drama and suspense. The repercussions faced after characters’ poor decisions were not expected, with a fearful twist.


Not only did the film provide educational references with many scientific possibilities explored, stimulating the mind, it also pricked the heart with relationships between the characters. Like any great film, a few romantic relationships were exploited. The most vital relationship in the film, however, was that of the one that the characters shared as friends. Much of the plot depended upon this relationship after many trials had to be faced, such as the death that took place among them.


The film was even more enjoyable than expected, and left me on the edge, full of curiosity. It was exciting, and not once predictable. I may have flatlined myself.