FFA truck stolen from high school

Greydon Wiliams, Editor

Local police were present on high school campus this morning to investigate the theft of the FFA truck. They determined that the suspect had previously stolen an 18 wheeler which was found abandoned near the school on Highway 18.

Although it was initially unclear if  the suspect was on campus to steal the truck during school hours, it was later determined, according to superintendent Gaylon Taylor, that the theft had occurred the previous night. Taylor also confirmed that authorities believe the truck was taken by  the same man, James Brandon Alsup, who is suspected in a break in at Greene County Tech Schools over the weekend.

As a result of the theft, administrators made the decision to close the campus during lunch. Taylor said the decision to withhold students from leaving for lunch was made to ensure student safety. At the time of this decision, it was still uncertain if the theft occurred during or before school hours. According to Taylor, at press time neither the truck nor the suspect have been located.