FFA conducts unique fundraiser

Cow patty bingo

FFA members anxiously watched the bull’s movement during cow patty bingo.

ANA MEZA – Hoof Prints Staff

On Thursday, Nov 19, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) hosted cow patty bingo as a fundraiser at the local baseball field. One hundred equal sized squares were painted on the baseball field to form the grid for cow patty bingo. Each square was given a number and sold for $25 each. Then, a cow was brought into the grid to roam. The winner of the game was determined by where the cow defecated.

The FFA sold 75 squares boosting the jackpot winnings to $937.50. After two hours of anticipation, the winner was declared to be square number 83. The owner of the winning square was Chad Hinderson from Lepanto.

Hinderson won the jackpot but decided to donate half of the money to the FFA. “I was very glad to donate half of the money. I just want to see FFA grow and I’m happy to help fund for new equipment. This is the first time I’ve ever won anything big; it feels good to share the wealth.” stated Hinderson.

The idea for cow patty bingo was brought up in a meeting by FFA president Heath Hawkins. The beef master bull was provided by agricultural director Mr. Bruce Fires and was nicknamed “Red” by the students. Mr. Fires commented, “I’m very proud of the money we raised and all the hard work the students did.”

After two hours of waiting, Katherine Clowers commented, “This is definitely not a spectator sport. Only in Arkansas will you find a school related fundraiser like cow patty bingo”