Faith Benham


Alissa Hughes, Journalist

“ I started writing last year in the ninth grade. I didn’t really get into reading until the fifth grade and after that I really wanted to start writing. I have eleven books and a binder of short stories and summaries. My most popular book is called ‘Being Different. I have a series called ‘Magnificent’  that has two books in it and I’m currently working on the third one. They were the first books I ever wrote. I mostly write fantasy and fiction. I write every chance I get. I have a very active imagination so just about everything is an inspiration to me. My favorite book of my own is probably ‘Evil’s Rise.’ My favorite authors are Laini Taylor and A. G. Howard and my favorite book is The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. The ultimate goal is to get at least one book published and out to the public and maybe one day eventually have a job as an author.”