Everybody’s responsibility to end cyberbullying

Cadyn Qualls


It is likely that you’ve heard the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could never hurt me.” While this has been a frequently used and widely popular quote for many years, it just simply isn’t the truth.

In a competitive and often ruthless world, many people attempt to portray a tough personae in hopes of saving themselves from extra heartache. After experiencing the wound from another, people often build up emotional walls to keep themselves from caring in large doses. Contrary to popular belief, strong words have the power to demolish these walls and leave the person behind their self inflicted structure defenseless.

While verbal words do tend to leave a lasting effect and an emotional scar on people, they can be somewhat temporary. However, when posted online and circulated through the internet, victims of bullying can experience their pain multiple times. This type of bullying, cyberbullying, can involve harmful texts, posts, or pictures of or about a person. Through technology, it easily is reiterated, causing it to spread to more people.

Many people experience cyberbullying at some point in their life. The majority of cyberbullies and their victims are teenagers. Teenagers, still in the process of finding themselves, often enjoy the downfall of others to make themselves feel better. This is why mocking, physical contact, and other forms of bullying are so common in school systems. When these factors are orchestrated through the internet, it is more likely to cause permanent damage.

Teenagers, still in the process of finding themselves, often enjoy the downfall of others to make themselves feel better.

Not only is the abusive content posted online hurtful, but it also can ruin an entire reputation. The effects of cyberbullying have been known to cause depression, lower self esteem, and even lead some to suicide. The internet was meant to connect with others respectfully and for a purpose. Yet, people have abused this privilege, along with most other things. Now, most to come out of it is toxic.

How different the world would be if only people were to think before they post or consider how others will react. Though this issue rapidly continues to manifest across the globe, it is not impossible to get a grasp on. As with many big hopes or intentions, it all starts somewhere with small beginnings. It takes people who are willing to step up and be the change. What will you do?