Even haters should give “New Moon” a listen

ANA MEZA – Hoof Prints Staff

It has become quite obvious that I am not a fan of the idiotic fad known as Twilight. I personally believe that its “love story” plot is the worst thing that has ever been written. The books are not worth the paper they were printed on, and I do not understand how people could spend perfectly good money to go watch the pathetic attempts of “motion pictures” based on the books. What I think is worse is the fact that people have silly obsessions with the stupidest characters I have ever heard of. The actors in the movie are gross, and a vampire that glitters and doesn’t burn in the sunlight is not something to be drooling over.

However, my opinion changed when I listened to the musical side of “Twilight.” As I heard the tracks on the “New Moon” soundtrack, I was surprised at how much I liked them. The power-packed songs did not reflect the sissy “Twilight” I thought I knew.

The soundtrack is basically a compilation of songs that Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) saw fitting to the book New Moon. Alexandra Patsavas put it all together and is also the music supervisor for “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Gossip Girl.” Her eye for artists is usually spot-on. The soundtrack hit stores October 20.

I would give the “New Moon” soundtrack a general “yay”. The “New Moon” soundtrack has just gone platinum (exceeding one million units sold) and has been on the top 10 since its release in October. The “Twilight” soundtrack has sold 3.5 million worldwide. It has remained on the Billboard 200 for 55 weeks and was chosen Favorite Soundtrack at the American Music Awards recently.