EAST Proram Continues “Adopt a Grandfriend”


Erica Hurst, Writer

On the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Jr. Day, some of the EAST classes took a bus to the local nursing home, Monette Manor.  EAST and Monette Manor collaborate on many projects and spend lots of time together during the school year. One popular activity is the grandfriend project, where EAST students go to the nursing home and spend time with the residents to get to know them.


To continue the friendly pastimes, EAST brought over some Nerf guns for the residents to play with.  Some targets were set up along the walls and on tables in the outlines of bears and turkeys. The residents loved getting to see the children and get to show off their sharp aim.  In the future, the EAST program and Monette Manor hope to spend even more time together and to make more memories.