EAST Facilitator Earns Drone Certification

Erica Hurst, Writer

When it comes to helping her students, Mrs. Jill Sanders won’t back away from any challenge.  As an EAST teacher, she watches students strive to learn new technologies and develop new skills.  One of the most anticipated devices owned by the BIC EAST program is drones. Drones allow people to see the world from a birds-eye view, and to download the video footage to share with anyone.  Such an experience doesn’t come easy, though. To be allowed to pilot a drone for a school project, one must have a certified remote pilot in command. Mrs. Sanders can now be this pilot in command for BIC.

One school project is in collaboration with Dr. Benjamin Runkle to give farmers detailed information about their fields.  These drones will give the students the mapping data necessary to help their community partners. However, BIC EAST wants to continue to explore other uses for this technology.

“The possibilities are limitless.  I think that we’ll start seeing more and more projects and uses for drones.  Many of my students are excited about this new technology, and I want to do whatever I can to encourage and challenge them,” Sanders said.

Sanders attended a test prep course offered by the EAST Initiative in Little Rock.  From there, she spent seemingly endless hours taking practice tests and studying until she finally got her certification on January 10.

“It was a big relief to pass the test! My students knew that I was taking it, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to pass and not let them down!” admitted Sanders.

Access to this new and exciting territory will benefit both the Jr. High and Sr. High EAST programs. The Buffalo Island community can and should continue to expect great things in the coming years.