Drama! Drama! Drama!

Drama students Bianca Garcia and Erika Davis perform the play "Accused of Comedy" for the West Elementary.
Drama students Bianca Garcia and Erika Davis perform the play "Accused of Comedy" for the West Elementary.

KAYLA STACY – Hoof Prints Staff

BIC students with a flair for the dramatic are now encouraged to indulge their talents during their school schedule. Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, a drama class has been added as an elective to the high school schedule.

Mrs. Tracey Yates, the club sponsor, teamed up with the school’s former principal, Mr. Homer Craig, to establish the new drama class at the end of last year.

The requirements for the new class consisted of testing or additional course-work to be done by Yates. “I’ve passed all testing requirements and I am now fully certified in theatre,” stated Yates.

The number of students was not exactly what she had hoped for, but many students didn’t know what to expect from the new class or couldn’t rearrange their schedules. “I encourage students to consider adding drama to their schedule next year to showcase their creative abilities,” said Yates.

Counselor Doris Willyerd, explained to students the drama class could not replace the classes required for graduation. Anyone who could fit it in their schedule would receive the normal credit for a one semester elective class.

Most students said that drama being a class was a lot better than being a club. “Drama being a class is a better way to interact with the members, and people wouldn’t always be able to make it to practice if it was a club,” said sophomore Bianca Garcia.

Sophomore John Hudson thought it was better because he gets credit for being in a class that’s actually fun. “I like being in plays, being active, it’s fun, it’s me!” John stated with a smile. He also stated that he finds it’s better that his class is small because it’s easier to cooperate, plan and to be more yourself while practicing with friends.

Hopefully the class will have higher enrollment numbers in the future now that students know what to expect.