Drama Department’s Fall Musical a Big Hit With Audiences

Chloe Pierce , Writer

After a much-anticipated wait, High School Musical Jr. is finally here.  The members of Troupe 8752, BIC’s thespian club sported their Wildcats attire and performed the songs from the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie of the same name.


With preparations that began last school year, the musical has gained a lot of momentum and has easily become the event of the year.  Students, as well as faculty, have anxiously awaited the presentation of the musical. Mrs. Pamela Fleeman, the BIC faculty’s newest arrival, had nothing but good remarks about the performance.


“BIC’s High School Musical was spectacular.  The Melody Theater was packed at the showing I attended and now I know why.  I must confess that I love broadway musicals and the movie High School Musical, but to watch my students shine bright while performing in the arts other than inside my science classroom, was truly a blessing.  I had heard that BIC’s drama department is top-notch but I was truly astounded by the talent the students have here at BIC!” said Fleeman.


On opening night, crowds of people swept into the Melody Theater to witness what could easily be labeled as BIC’s greatest theatrical production yet.  The student body had nothing but good things to say about their fellow classmates performances. One student, Kayla Towell, a junior, applauded the role of her sophomore sister, Hannah Towell, as Mrs. Darbus.


“I was so proud of her.  Her performance was amazing.  I was really happy she decided to audition for the musical this year and she really proved herself.  I spent most of my time behind the scenes as part of the tech crew, but I really loved seeing the talent that all of my classmates have,” Towell said.


As creator of Troupe 8752 and instructor of the drama class, Mrs. Nancy Spencer had a lot to say about her own love of theater and the journey of the BIC drama department from a dream to a reality.


When asked what her favorite thing about theater is, Spencer stated “Personally, bringing a character to life. Professionally, helping others take the script from black and white and bring it to life in full color, complete with sound to create an experience for their audience. I want us to always learn new things and discover that the world is a big place along the way.”


Overall, this year’s musical was one for the books.  With nothing but good remarks, this was an immense success for the BIC drama department.  We look forward to the next production and say, sincerely, that this musical was a show-stopping event.