Disney in decline

Greydon Williams


Overcrowded, substandard, annoying. This is the simplest description I can give for Disney World in its current condition. The parks have become seas of ill-mannered individuals who all race to wait in line for 50 plus minutes. For the sake of lengthiness I won’t even begin to discuss Fastpass “+”.

Now don’t get me wrong, Disney is not undesirable, but if you look at some of the recent changes made to the park it is just not as ideal as it use to be. You can still have fun at a Disney park and going there will still make for an enjoyable vacation. That being said it just isn’t worth it for the amount of money you have to pay. In a some up of pros vs. cons, the cons win.

Part of Disney’s problem now days is not totally Disney’s fault. The parks are now more overcrowded than they have ever been and more people keep coming. On average 130,000 people visit the park each day. One third of which is cramped into Disney’s smallest park, Magic Kingdom.

Disney also has too much of its loyalty to people who stay on Disney property. Now I’m not saying they shouldn’t have perks for people who stay on site because there should be otherwise no one would do it, because frankly the hotels are expensive. However, Disney should not make you crippled if you do not stay on site and with the combination of higher crowds and the new Fastpass system, that’s pretty much what happens. Now Fastpasses can be booked 60 days in advance of your trip if you stay on sight which could lead to more popular rides having no Fastpasses left.

Fastpass+ is Disney’s recently redesigned Fastpass system. In this new system each person is now limited to three Fastpasses per day. This is because Disney has calculated that this is the average number a person uses at the parks. This is probably true because I would be willing to bet a number of people didn’t use any. So this new system is restraining only those who truly knew how to use the old one.

Not only is the new system keeping you from getting more than three Fastpasses it also has a new tier system that is in effect at every park excluding Magic Kingdom. Now rides are categorized by popularity and you can only select one ride from the top tier to Fastpass. This makes it nearly impossible to ride a tier one ride more than once unless you are willing to wait 40-60 minutes.

Sadly, the most magical place on earth has slowly became less and less otherworldly. With rising prices, new policies, and constant crowd fighting, Disney seems less and less ideal as a vacation spot. The only thing we can hope for is that maybe something will change.