CODE feeds body, soul

Jenna Pike and Timothy Neal prepare their food during the CODE luncheon.

MADISON FINCH – Hoof Prints Staff

On Friday, March 12, CODE hosted their second luncheon of the year. The group members were pleased with the turn-out, but of course, they look forward to attracting even more students in the future.

In the previous week, 28 students signed up to attend the luncheon. Out of this number, 24 were present. For most of the week, the sign-up sheet was on the wall, available to every student. Along with signing up, students were also given the choice to bring foods that were desired for lunch. The group ended up serving hot dogs that were cooked by Mr. Dunigan, and chips and dip. The lunch was free, but students were required to provide their own drink.

The sermon was presented by Jeremy Sullivan. He is the former youth pastor of Monette First Baptist Church. The stewards (officers) chose Jeremy to deliver the message because they knew he would be available and willing.  They also knew that students would likely pay attention to him because many already knew him.

“I feel his sermon was appropriate for the audience he was speaking to,” said Nicole Poe.  Members of the organization said that students were very excited many days in advance about this speaker, and he did not disappoint.

There were extra hot dogs left over from the luncheon, so the stewards decided to make a profit. The leftovers were sold the following day.  The organization profited $30 from the sale.

“I hope CODE gains more numbers and allows BIC students to grow closer to God,” said Poe. The group felt this luncheon was a success and they look forward to many others in the future.