Career Fair Inspires Students

Chloe Pierce

On April 11, students in grades 3-6 filled the Buffalo Island Central Elementary gymnasium for the Career Fair.


This Career Fair allowed students to speak to people of various occupations and ask them questions about their profession.  Some of the occupations of those that attended were bankers, police officers, farmers, lawyers, and much more. Fourth grader Laci Pierce attended the Fair and considered it a learning experience.


“The Career Fair was really fun.  I enjoyed talking to the people about their jobs.  My favorite was the firefighter. Hearing about what firefighters do and what the job is like made me want to become one,” said Pierce.  “Hopefully, we get to go to the career fair again next year.”


The Career Fair was a valuable event for the students.  Hopefully, some of them may have gained some perspective into what they would like to be when they grow up.