Buffalo Island Hosts Community Blood Drive


Alanna Neldon, Writer

Buffalo Island Central partnered with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive on campus. Students aged 16 and up were eligible to participate in the annual blood drive, which was coordinated by Senior Cason Rose on behalf of the BIC EAST Initiative.


BIC started the day with a goal of 40 donated pints of blood from the student body, staff, and community. We were able to meet that goal, with 41 units donated. 


Rose got the idea to coordinate the event because of the scholarship opportunities offered to students who arranged blood drives that meet donation goals. However, once she completed the process of arranging the event, Rose found that feeling of accomplishment she gained from helping so many people was the true reward she earned. 


Being able to give to others is the greatest feeling in the world and I hope to provide this opportunity to everyone,” said Rose. 


The blood drive has been an annual tradition at BIC for several years now, and is always a big success with students who are eager to help those in need across the United States.

BIC EAST hopes to continue to host this event for years to come, and would like to thank all that participated in helping others.