Brooks sisters’ new beginning

Callie Brooks warms up during the recent Blue-Gray game at the MAC.

CLAY TURNER – Hoof Prints Staff

Both play basketball. Both just began study at a new school. Both love Keith Urban. Both are sisters. Their names? Cidnie and Callie Brooks.

Cidnie, purple-loving, bubbly country girl, is a sophomore this year and since her first day has realized that her new school is tougher than her last school, Armorel.

“We didn’t do anything at my old school,” she said.

She has grown to love her basketball team though.  The girls on her team and she have gotten to know each other through practices and she enjoys playing with them. She hopes she gets to be a starter next year.

She thinks she has a great personality, but she wishes she was more outgoing.  People always have to talk to her first, not the other way around. She also describes herself as a homebody and very worrisome over certain things.

“I worry about too much,” she said. “For example, I worried over coming to this new school.”

If she were to have a fantasy dinner party, she would invite her Papaw Jerry because she enjoyed their time together. Her fondest memory was of when he barbecued with her and her famiy. He unfortunately died of lung cancer two years ago on April 10 while Cidnie was at school.

She would also invite Keith Urban and Luke Bryan, both country music stars. She relates that she is a country music person and she thinks Keith Urban is cute. He’s also the only famous person she has actually met.

When she grows up, she hopes to go to college at either Arkansas State University or the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville to major in diagnostic imagery which is the displaying of body organs or tissues for diagnostic evaluation.

Callie, on the other hand, is a pink-loving, girly girl who just started her senior year of high school. She also loves her basketball team because they are friendlier and work more as a team than her last school’s basketball team. She also adores softball. On a scale of one to 10, she thinks she is a 20 on softball playing ability.

At her fantasy dinner party, she would invite her boyfriend Brent Ray, her friend Clarissa whom she met in P.E. this year, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

She is very ready to graduate because she is tired of all the rules high school has. She is ready for more independence and freedom and hopes to achieve that through college where she would rather take three classes a day.

When she finally makes it to college, she hopes to major in physical therapy. Her interest in this field began when she tore her ACL last year, resulting in numerous trips to see her physical therapist.

Though they miss their friends from their previous school and are still trying to adjust to the atmosphere at their new school, the Brooks girls are enjoying their time so far and can’t wait for the basketball season to finally begin.