“Breaking Dawn” midnight madness

JILLIAN KEY – Hoof Prints Staff

Middle-aged women wearing fangs. A row of Team Edwards doing the wave. A theater crammed full of eager-to-sparkle and wolfmode fans. It’s the midnight premiere of “Breaking Dawn.”

I attended the midnight premiere of the first part of “Breaking Dawn,” based on the last book in the Twilight saga. Every screen in the Paragould Cinema played the anxiously awaited movie. I arrived nearly two hours early and still had trouble finding two seats side by side.

If you believe that a movie should follow the book exactly, this movie may not be for you. There were a few times things were added to make the plot of the movie more entertaining. Also, there were a few things not featured.

In the beginning of the movie, Edward and Bella finally get married. The wedding was flawless. The beauty was even comparable to Kim Kardashian’s wedding, except Edward and Bella are bound together forever rather than 72 days. After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen headed to an island near Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. Soon after, Bella becomes pregnant.

The “demon child” that Bella is pregnant with is half-vampire and half-human. At this point, if she has the baby, it will kill her in the process. The parts of this movie where the baby is killing her while being in her mother’s womb are very graphic, almost too graphic. When reading the book nearly three years ago, I could almost play this exact scene in my head. Producers did an excellent job portraying small and gruesome details.

The actors and actresses from the first three movies of the saga still proved to be outstanding. Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black, captured every eye in the theater, of course. Not only are his tan skin and pearly whites candy for the eyes, but he evoked the emotions of every heart-wrenched fan every time he was in a scene. At the wedding he and Bella finally have their moment where they get to talk. In this scene, every beating heart in the audience nearly stops because of the seriousness and love portrayed.

All in all, director Bill Condon had saga lovers begging for more. I think the ending didn’t leave you hanging, but it left you thinking. If you do go see this movie, and I recommend you do, make sure to stay through the credits for an extra scene. I give “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” four horseshoes. It was definitely worth only getting three hours of sleep.