BIC’s Singin’ in the Rain is Sure to Make ‘Em Laugh


Katie Lawrence, Writer

The BIC Drama Department’s performance of  Singin’ in the Rain  was popping with excitement in the Melody Theater Sunday afternoon.  Directed by Alissa Hughes, who formerly portrayed the lead roles of “Granny” and “Lady in Waiting,” and Drama Sponsor Mrs. Nancy Spencer, this musical was nothing short of stellar.


Noah Teeter and Katie Fry played the roles of Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, two individuals who are faced with the struggles of oncoming Hollywood pressure.  With singing and talking movies on the rise, the silent film stars Lockwood and Lamont are struck with uncertainty. It doesn’t help that Mrs. Lamont has a voice that could make viewers glad that movies are silent.  


Kathy Selden, played by Junior Olivia Cornish, is the answer to their prayers.  In order to save the film, not to mention all of their careers, the stars do what they must with the help of their loyal friend Cosmo Brown, played by Eli Teeter.  Putting aside the rivalries, rumors, and hopeless romance, Kathy, Don, and Cosmo dream up the perfect plan to reach this path to stardom.


Beyond the uncertainties of the characters on stage, the actors and actresses themselves dealt with their own uncertainties behind the scenes.


“I’m nervous about it, honestly.  In The Beverly Hillbillies, I had five lines; now, I’m the lead role.  I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I’m ready,” said Cornish shortly before her lead performance.


But aside from the nerves about performing on stage that come with any production, this play’s musical nature added an extra element of difficulty to the overall performance of the play.  


Musicals are rough! They’re so much harder than a regular play. The acting, the blocking, the singing, the choreography, and this one even has tap dancing!  It all has to come together perfectly to make a great show.” stated a relieved and proud Nancy Spencer, head director and musical manager.

The Drama Club presented their take on the classic Singin’ in the Rain for only three nights: October 11th, 12th, and 14th at the Melody Theater in Leachville.  With a sense of pride, these passionate actors and actresses are relieved and thrilled for future performances.