BIC Theater Enters a Whole New World


Emery Green, Writer

The BIC Drama Department started off their 2022-2023 theater season with a fantastic performance of Aladdin the musical.  This show stopping performance had all of BIC in awe that such a small cast did such a good job. With only 22 people in the cast and a stage smaller than most, this performance had all of us sitting excitedly in our seats. The students started preparing for their performance in June, and weren’t finished until the end of October. These students worked from sunrise to sunset somedays to perfect their performance so that we as a community could enjoy it. Watching these actors perform was something that brought joy to all of us.

When these students do a show it’s a lot more than singing and dancing. It takes hours of dedication and hard work. They learn their choreography and have to get it down to a science in order to be able to pair their music and it be precise. Actions tell a story just as good if not better than lyrics, and delivery is the most important thing in a performance.

“The hardest thing about being in a  musical is the choreography. When you are a main character, you have multiple songs that rely on you and your delivery. I was the only person with a lot of my choreography, so I knew that if I messed up, it would be hard for anyone to save me”  said Sophomore Aiden Nance who performed in the role of the Genie.

Sophomore Jesalynn Talavera played the lead of Jasmine, and confirmed the difficulty of putting on a musical performance. “The toughest thing about musicals is that there is just so much to memorize. If you memorize the music and then forget your choreography, it’s like you’re starting back at square one,” said Talavera.

Students make final preparations for their performances during the week prior, called “tech week.” This is an intense time dedicated to fixing every error possible before the public is finally ready to see the show. Students work extremely long hours in the pursuit of perfection.

“During tech we grow closer as a family. We put our tears, sweat, and blood into the show because we strive for a perfect performance. We have to learn every dance, build all of the sets, and make sure everyone knows their lines. Sometimes it seems like the play will be terrible, but it always somehow works out in the end, “ said Talavera.

Now that Aladdin is behind them, the Drama Department is moving onto their next production of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” which will celebrate the five year anniversary of the revival of the Drama Department. Look for tickets for tickets to go on sale in the Spring.