BIC Temporarily Transitions to Virtual Learning


Chloe Pierce, Writer

Buffalo Island Central school district has closed grades 7 through 12 for another week.  Students will be doing virtual education from September 28th through October 2nd.


On the district’s Facebook page, the following announcement was made with regards to closing:


“BIC grades 7-12 will remain virtual.  Grades K-6 will be open for onsite instruction.  Pre-K remains open.  Pick up 5 days of breakfast and lunch Monday 10:15-10:45 for grades 7-12.  Buses will run for grades K-6.”


Sixth grader Laci Pierce  regards the closing with positive remarks.  “I really like doing virtual.  It gives us a break from how crazy school can be.  I wish we could do virtual and onsite learning because they’re both really fun.”


High school secretary, Marti Peel, states her confidence in the district’s decisions.  “I feel confident in any action the school takes to help slow the spread and keep students and faculty safe.”


Pamela Fleeman, high school science teacher, expresses how she misses onsite instruction, saying, “Young people need real life teachers and teachers  need real life young people!”


While the schools closings caused some difficulties in transitioning exclusively to online learning, BIC has put their best foot forward in adjusting to all of the unpredictable outcomes that COVID-19 has created, and hopes to see school return to normal as soon as possible.