BIC Senior Excels in the Rodeo


Destiny Wilson, Writer

Buffalo Island Central Senior, H.D.  Sanders, has been enjoying his time being in the rodeo since he was just a child.

“I started riding horses when I was about four or five and I could rope by the time I was about eight years old. It was just something my family, dad, and I grew up doing” says Sanders.

Sanders then explains that his father was the one who got him to grow a love for rodeos since he wanted to follow in his fathers spotlight. He also explains how balancing between school and rodeos can be difficult. “It is hard no doubt, however you always have to balance a sport between school just like basketball or golf players”.

Sanders says the only way to prepare yourself for the competition is non stop practice. Sanders then goes on to say that he is fortunate enough to have never been injured, however he has been very close. “I have had many horses fall on top of me and it is very scary at first”.

H.D. goes on to say that his biggest achievement was when he was about twelve years old. “My dad and I went to Wyoming and won this rodeo called Coyote Night Rodeo,which is a very big deal in Wyoming, and I was the youngest to win it.”

While the rodeo can be a tough sport, H.D. has managed to balance the physical demands of his passion with the timing challenges of being a high school student, allowing him to excel in a hobby that is sure to get people talking. He is one of the many students with hidden talents that can be found within the halls of Buffalo Island Central.