BIC Sees Rejuvenated School Spirit


Christa Austin, Writer

Buffalo Island Central´s Student Section got a well deserved revamp this year.  In past school years, the student section at BIC has been lacking in vigor.  This year however the coaches, specifically Coach Herring, decided the Student Section was in need of some changes.  This included a new name, new decoration, and even themed nights.


 The student section is now named ¨The Stable,” after Buffalo Island’s own Mustangs. They’ve had multiple themed nights including ”pink out”, “red, white, and blue”, and “neon night”.  After talking to students about the changes that have been made, it is clear that they were needed.  With the recent changes the students are loud and proud to be Mustangs. It has brought many students together in support of our team. Even the coaches have noticed changes in the players attitude while playing. Tyler Herring, BIC Director of Athletics, said,“I think a good student section helps with momentum during games! I think it helps affect the outcome of a game for sure.¨


The players themselves are also noticing changes in how it makes them play.  With a crowd of students cheering them on, they have a better attitude, a stronger team spirit, and a need to make fans proud of them.  When asked about the improved crowd atmosphere, senior high basketball player Max McCord said,“The student section makes us more confident now for sure; we want to win for our supporters.”

 Many students have greatly enjoyed the themed dress up nights, and getting to spend time with  all of their friends while cheering on the team.  Sophomore  Gabby Green said,“The environment is really cool, we have a lot more energy this year and it just feels good to be supporting our team.” These changes didn´t happen overnight however, It was a lot of work put in by Coach Tyler Herring, as well as many other staff members such as Mrs. Wells and the other coaches.  Their hard work paid off, and all of the students appreciate the new feeling that the student section gives them.