BIC sees changes in English Department Staff


Leo Thompson and Jackson McCoy , Writer

Buffalo Island Central welcomed two new English teachers to the high school faculty for the 2021-22 school year. These teachers have brought to the district their unique teaching styles and experiences, which will hopefully help the district find success.

This is Mrs. Cupp’s first year teaching. She has had previous experience with being a substitute teacher, as well as experience working at a mental health facility. She is a recent graduate from Williams Baptist University where she got a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and will later graduate with a Masters of Arts in Teaching this spring.

When asked why she wanted to be a teacher, Cupp said,“I wanted to be a positive influence and felt like teaching was the best way to do it.” She wants to help everyone reach their potential, and tries to do this by respecting and valuing students. Cupp expressed that the no-homework policy at BIC can be a particularly good policy because it can allow more time with family, friends, and just being a kid. This is hopefully an example of how Cupp’s educational philosophy fits right in with the BIC school system.

Ms.Winn is another new teacher to the district.  She has previously worked as an elementary librarian in Blytheville. Winn looks forward to the experience of transitioning to working with Jr. High students. “I always connected better with older kids and I can’t wait to teach them,” Winn said.

When asked why she chose a career in education,  Ms.Winn echoed a similar sentiment to that of Mrs. Cupp, saying, “I always wanted to help people and kids as much as I can, and I also love reading and English, so I thought teaching would be the best way for me to help.”

The community of Buffalo Island looks to accept Mrs. Cupp and Mrs. Winn into the school culture with open arms. We hope that they become long term members of the staff, and continue to have an impact on the school curriculum, while also having a positive effect on the overall student population.

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