BIC Junior High Quiz Bowl Places Third in District Tournament


Kami Cloninger, Writer

The Junior High Quiz Bowl Team attended their tournament in White County Central High School in Judsonia and made their school proud. Losing to only two teams, they finished with a record of 5-2.


The team is comprised of the following students: Eli Teeter, Cason Rose, Lindsay Cook, Christa Worthey, Dawson Stewart, Parker Anderson, Ella Schlenker, Hallee Wells, Claire Jackson, Max McCord, Lextan Corter.

Sponsor Kylie Crosskno feels very proud to have placed Third and is looking forward to further advancing their achievements in the State Tournament.


“I was excited and I am proud of all their hard work and accomplishments.  They are a smart group of kids, and I knew they would do well. Quiz Bowl tournaments are always a lot of fun, so I’m glad our season isn’t over yet,” Crosskno said.


The anxiety about which question or subject is about to be asked is quite stressful, but having an excellent and intelligent team like our Junior High Quiz Bowl makes the whole event worth being a part of. Crosskno indicated that being the sponsor of the team can make one get as nervous as much as the students competing.


“I was nervous!  I have eleven super-smart students on the Junior High Quiz Bowl Team and can only play five players at a time.  I was nervous that I didn’t have the right five kids starting. In quiz bowl, questions can be asked about ANYTHING such as current events, science, math, history, movies, music, theater, etc.  Each student has their area that they excel in, and it’s hard to determine the right combo of students to put in to get the majority of topics covered. You don’t know the questions ahead of time, so sometimes it comes down to you, if the questions were in your favor that day.”


The team will compete again on February 23 in the State Tournament.