BIC Faculty make the Tough Decision to Vaccinate Again COVID-19


Leo Thompson, Writer

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live, but as the vaccine becomes more widely available, things will hopefully begin to go back to normal.There is now hope for normalcy with the vaccine coming to Arkansas in February of this year to first responders, teachers, and other essential employees, as well as Governor Asa Hutchinson making a plan on how to distribute it to everyone by Summer.


Opinions on the vaccine are varied, however. Some think that they don’t need it, while others are anxious to get it as soon as possible. I asked some of the BIC staff if they were interested in receiving the vaccine.


First, I asked two BIC teachers if they will take the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to them. Coach Tyler Herring said, “I am still undecided on the COVID vaccine. I am on the list to take it, but not completely sure if I will or not.”


Mr. Jackson echoed a similar thought of unsureness, saying ,¨I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll take the vaccine yet because I’ve not done enough research to make an informed decision.¨


I then asked if they thought that BIC handled COVID well overall.


Coach Herring said, ¨From an administrative standpoint, we’ve carried out COVID protocols the best that we can with constantly changing guidelines.¨


Mr. Eric Jackson shared a similar viewpoint, stating, ¨I think all the teachers and admin are doing the best they can, but a lot of it is out of our control. I don’t think it’s being handled well at the state or national level, and I believe that is causing problems in all the schools in the U.S.¨


It seems that many people are still unsure about whether or not they will receive the vaccine. Hopefully as further information is released more people will feel comfortable enough to make the decision that they feel is right for them.


Despite the feelings of uncertainty surrounding the new vaccination, more than 50 teachers and staff showed up to receive their first dosage of the vaccine provided by McFarlin Pharmacy on January 17th. The recipients of the vaccine look forward to receiving their second dosage in the coming weeks, and hope to work towards immunization in the Buffalo Island Community.