BIC Drama to Perform The Outsiders

Erica Hurst , Writer

In October 2019, the BIC Drama Department announced that for their next production, they were taking it old school.  “The Outsiders” is a story that English classes have read and studied for years. The classic story of teenage boys fighting society and each other has earned a spot in nearly everyone’s list of favorites.  This show, coming in March to the Melody Theater, will be no different.

The show stars Leo Perez  as Ponyboy Curtis, the little brother to Darryl and Sodapop Curtis, played by Mikey Brown and Edgar Rodriguez , respectively.  Ponyboy is different than the other “greasers,” or the tough boys that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in more ways than one.  He is the baby of the group, but despite being just fourteen, he is surprisingly articulate and thoughtful. The story follows his perspective throughout the story.

When Ponyboy and his best friend, Johnny, played by Lane Luther, get into some trouble with the “Socials,” who are the privileged youth of the community, they find themselves far from home.  All of the characters in this story are affected by the events that happen to each other. One such character that the audience will connect to is Dallas Winston, played by Elijah Teeter. Dally is the toughest of the tough, and the meanest of the mean.  However, it turns out that everyone has a breaking point.

“I feel honored to be playing such a major role.  Johnny is different from my other roles because I honestly relate more to him than my previous roles because we’re the same age. I really like Johnny as a character because he is real,” Luther said.

This show will speak volumes about the hard work and dedication that Buffalo Island puts into their productions.  At a running time of almost two hours, the audience will be captivated by the poignant story of “The Outsiders” until the curtain call.

“The Outsiders” will be showing March on the 12th-15th  at the Melody theater in Leachville, Arkansas.  Don’t miss your chance to see the best performance yet from the BIC Drama Department, and until then, stay gold.