BIC Choir Visits Happiest Place on Earth


Chloe Pierce, Writer

On the evening of Thursday, March 14, the choir students of Buffalo Island Central filled the bus with their suitcases and began their departure to Florida.  There, they would go to both Disney World and Universal Studios, a field trip that was sure to prove itself to be fun and exciting after more than a year of fundraising.


Freshman Abigail Rece offered positive remarks about the trip.


“Disney World was super fun, but I enjoyed Universal Studios the most.  We attended a Disney Performing Arts workshop and did a voice over of The Lion King.  I really enjoyed going and learned a lot. Specifically, I learned that wearing Birkenstocks to Disney World really makes your feet sore,” said Rece.  “We even got Mickey Mouse ears with the Disney Performing Arts logo on it.”


This trip was a refreshing break from the typical school field trip.  After spending five days in Florida, the BIC Choir returned to the Island with newfound bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.