Behind the Hoof Prints: Sarah Ray


Rebecca Stefl , Writer

Sarah Ray is an ambitious writer and member of BIC’s journalism staff.  This year is her second consecutive year in journalism, and her first year being the Hoofprints editor, which she says is one of her proudest achievements thus far.  “It’s a lot of responsibility but I really enjoy it,” said Ray. She enjoys writing no matter the subject, and says that it’s her favorite part of being involved in journalism.

“I like journalism because it allows me to explore my creative side while also improving my writing skills,” she said.

Outside of school, Sarah surrounds herself with homework, movies, and video games.

In the future she hopes to earn a degree in computer science and work in data engineering. While she doesn’t plan to study and/or work in a writing-centered field, she does look forward to continuing to grow and utilize her writing skills.