Behind the Hoof Prints: Kami Cloninger


Raeleigh Clayton, Writer

Kami Cloninger is a junior at Buffalo Island Central High School and currently in her second year of journalism.  Her role in journalism includes taking pictures for the yearbook and writing articles for the school newspaper. Kami’s favorite part of journalism is taking pictures and designing yearbook pages.


When asked what inspired her to join journalism, Kami said, “Journalism has always been an interest of mine, because I love taking pictures and having my picture taken. Each moment captured on camera is a memory preserved forever.”


When not at school, her favorite activities include playing games like Mario Kart on her phone and watching Netflix.  Kami aspires to be a nurse in the future, and wants to work at a local hospital.


“I like journalism because I get to do what I love with my friends.  I love the moments we share and the work we get to do,” says Cloninger.