Behind the Hoof Prints: Jennifer Arellano


Jasmine Vasquez, Writer

Jennifer Arellano is a junior and in her first year of BIC journalism as a staff member. Since she’s new to Journalism she is learning how to design and make the layouts for the yearbook.

“I like journalism because I like to take pictures. It’s the only class that I get to express myself and show my creative side in.” said Jennifer.

She is a member of the National Honor Society and very proud of her academic accomplishments.

After school Jennifer likes to watch Disney+ and talk to her friends, but only after she finishes her daily “to-do list.”

After high school Jennifer would like to go to college and major in psychology. “I really want to help others. I know there are many people that otherwise may not get the help that they need because the person they go to can’t provide them with the right amount of attention.”

Jennifer is also interested in traveling. She likes going to new places, meeting new people and making connections. Her favorite place to go is Kentucky with her family, because she’s surrounded by nature and it helps relieve stress.

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