Behind the Hoof Prints: Jasmine Vasquez


Elijah Teeter, Writer

Jasmine Vasquez is a newly acquired BIC journalism staff member and senior who’s looking forward to her time in the BIC journalism program. What she looks forward to most in journalism is laying-out and putting together the 2019-2020 BIC Yearbook.


Jasmine is an industrious and hard-working student who isn’t afraid of an academic challenge. Academically speaking, she is most proud of her consistent good grades and being on the honor roll.

When she’s not at school, Jasmine loves to do an array of things like clean or watch Criminal Minds. Sometimes, she just loves to annoy her mom.


After high school, Jasmine plans on going to college and getting a degree in social work. Vasquez loves children, so it’s only natural that she hates to see them in horrible situations. She wants to change children’s lives for the better.


“[I’m] looking forward to perfecting the way I write… sometimes it’s all ‘jumbled’ up and I would like to make sure that when I write something, it’s good the first time around.”