Behind the Hoof Prints: Daisy Flores


Rosalinda Vasquez, Staff

Daisy Flores, senior and self-described idealist, has been a part of the Buffalo Island Central journalism staff for 3 years now.  Her involvement in journalism has left her with many responsibilities, one of which has included taking photos at various school events and occasions. One thing that Daisy has learned from being in journalism is that she enjoys and has a passion for photography. She has also learned that she is very outgoing, and loves to be social. One of her proudest achievements is the growth that she has seen in her own photography and photo taking abilities. Aside from photography, however, she also participates in several hobbies outside of school. Some of those include walking her goat for FFA, dancing, and watching Netflix during her free time. While she is unsure of what she wants to do in the future, Daisy looks forward to continuing photography and using her skills in any way that she can.