Baby on board

Baby on board

Cortney Myers’ backseat is a mashup of school work and baby items, reflecting the main priorities in her life.

(Editor’s note-Hoof Prints staff recently checked out the purses, lockers and cars of students to see how the contents of these spaces give insight to the owners)

VICTORIA PEREZ – Hoof Prints Staff

62  miles. Every day. Every week. Even when she’s beyond exhaustion, one look at the baby shoes hanging from her rear-view mirror and the reflection of those long-lashed eyes staring back at her makes everything worthwhile.

She spends countless hours behind the steering wheel of her 2006 Taurus. Waking up at five in the morning, Cortney Myers prepares for another hectic day. After driving from Jonesboro to Monette and dropping off her son Rayden at his babysitter’s house, she drives to school in search of a better future for her family.

”Finishing school is even more important to me now that I have Rayden,” Cortney said. “Giving him a better life is very important to me, and I am determined to accomplish this.”

After school, she gets in her car, picks up Rayden and drives back to Jonesboro. She drops him off yet again in order to get to her job at Subway.

“I work five days a week, go to school and take care of my son. I have a pretty crazy schedule for a 17 year-old.”

Working from four to ten, she arrives back home to her son and her boyfriend of three and a half years, Devon Ballin, and prepares for the next day. Although she goes to bed at 11, she wakes up to the crying of a hungry, restless baby constantly.

“I’ll be lucky to get five hours of sleep.”

Regardless of the constant Mickey Mouse music, the littered food, and numerous toys, Myers prides herself on her car because she managed to pay for it herself. Even though she may not have the easiest life, she has no regrets.

“I love life,” she said. “It can be overwhelming being a teen mom at times, but it’s a blessing to have my son. He has made my life better in so many ways. I wouldn’t change my life for the world.”