“Avatar” a surprising treat

MEGAN MISNER – Hoof Prints Staff

I have to admit that I had no desire to spend eight whole dollars to watch an animated film. I doubted that “Avatar” would rise to the hype. Not to mention, three hours is a long time to sit in a theater chair. I was determined not to go, but to instead just watch it one day on the television. Much to my disappointment, my family made me watch it one afternoon. To my surprise, I was amazed!

While watching the movie, I totally forgot that most of the movie was animated. The animation was phenomenal. The characters seemed so real. The animated characters mirrored human movements, and also had needs and feelings like humans as well. The human characters were good as well.

Aside from the amazing animation of the characters, the animation and sound effects of every other aspect were impressive. I haven’t watched very many animated films, but I am sure this is one of the best. The sound quality was great. The creation of the colorful and lively living environment also enhanced the film.

There wasn’t a single aspect that I disliked about the movie. Surprisingly, it even had a well developed plot. It wasn’t all in animation. It starts out in the real world. It is a story about the corrupt ways of our government. They are attempting to dig up the precious material in an area known as Pandora. While attempting this task, they find that the plot of the material is located underneath a village which belongs to the Na’vi people. So they begin a new goal which is to get the people of that village to move. A team of scientists create avatars for them to use to communicate with these Na’vi people. Throughout the movie, you see the avatars trying to make peace with the Na’vi. When all doesn’t go as quickly as planned, the government steps in. Everything takes a turn for the worse. It is a very touching story. Aside from it being about the government, it has love story mixed in.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was among the best that I have watched. I would definitely like to watch it again. This whole review; however, was based on the 3-D version. I strongly recommend that you watch it in 3-D. I believe it helped bring the movie to life. I give “Avatar” a “yay’!