ASU scholarships limited for fall semester

ASHLEY LADD – Hoof Prints Staff

BIC counselor Doris Willyerd was the bearer of bad news recently as she informed students that ASU scholarships are being limited due to the economic conditions.

According to Willyerd, the demand for scholarships to attend ASU next fall seems to have already surpassed the funds available. Students who have applied by the early deadline of December 1, 2008, and have met the scholarship qualifications have been awarded scholarships. However, due to an increase in the number of applications sent in as well as a larger number of students who qualify, the scholarships have been limited.

ASU officials say that the scholarship inconvenience will only affect incoming freshmen. Students who have received scholarship offers and are currently attending ASU will not be affected. The only scholarships affected are those that are based on ACT scores, GPA, or class rank, with ASU citing the current state of the economy as the chief reason for the cutbacks. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has presented proposals to reduce the cap for scholarship spending from 30% to 15% of the unrestricted education and general tuition and fee income.

Several students are anticipating that the change in scholarship policy will affect their future plans. BIC senior, Cody Skaggs said, “I did not apply for a scholarship to ASU, but I’m basically counting on band scholarships.” Dacota Noyes also stated that she had not made the early deadline. She says, “I’ve just been applying for other scholarships like the ones on the bulletin board, plus I get one for working at Taco Bell.”

Willyerd suggests that students looking for financial aid should apply early and fill out a FAFSA. She also suggests that students apply for privately funded scholarships, get a part-time job, or possibly join a work-study program.

Even though some seniors did not make the early scholarship deadline, Willyerd stresses that there are other alternatives available to help them reach their educational goals.