App-ocalypse now: addicting apps take over time for students, staff

Lance McDonald takes a minute to demonstrate his skills on Flappy Bird.


Everyday there’s a new app released for a phone, some apps just seem to be more popular, or even addicting, than others. So what’s everyone buzzing about today?

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is an app that became popular with students a few weeks ago. The idea of this game is to tap the screen to fly the bird in between tubes without hitting one. If the bird hits a tube, it dies. You earn points by making it through the tubes. Each one you make it through is worth one point. So why is everyone making such a big deal about this game?

“I don’t know what it is about Flappy Bird, it’s dumb but so addicting,” Ryan Stuck said. “It makes me so mad when I lose that I want to throw my phone, and I can’t stop playing it because each time I just want to beat my high score.”

His high score is 224. Flappy Bird became so popular and addicting that the maker took it off of the app store.


This app allows you to take pictures and set a timer up to 10 seconds on the picture. You can send it to your friends on the app and once that picture is viewed for the amount of seconds it is set on, it can’t be opened again.

“I think I’m addicted,” Valerie Pipkin said. “My score is 50,319 and on a good day when I look pretty, I send about 50 SnapChats.”

But what exactly makes the app so hard to stop using?

“SnapChat is more interactive,” Valerie said. “When you’re texting, it can get pretty boring but when you SnapChat you can see people’s emotions. It makes it more fun.”


Pinterest is a website, along with an app, in which you can look through different categories of all types of pictures and pin them.

“It’s basically online hoarding,”Victoria Perez said. “I think I’m a hoarder. I have 4,643 pins and I’m on it every other hour.” 


A place to connect with friends and to be yourself. Twitter is an app where you follow people and send tweets. You can retweet other tweets or favorite them and it’s an app that can keep you up to date on what’s going on.

“Twitter is addicting,” Karoline Thomas said. “I think almost everyone I know has a twitter and it can keep me entertained for hour.” .

Last but not least, Candy Crush.

This is a game all about matching. You have to get at least three of the same type of candy in a row in order for the candy to clear. This game has been out for a while, but is still very addicting.

“I was on level 300 and something but then I deleted the app,” Marti Peel said. “It wanted me to pay ninety-nine cents for the app but I refused because when you start paying for it, that’s when you know you’re really addicted.”