Another fun filled Homecoming Week held

Sophomores struggle with the pantyhose portion of the relay race in Wacky Olympics.

LINDSAY RICE – Hoof Prints Staff

Homecoming week is the most anticipated week of the school year. Not only is there an awesome talent show and Wacky Olympics to enjoy, the dress up days are a huge part as well. There were some changes made to this year’s events. Instead of Wacky Olympics being held Wednesday and the talent show being held Thursday, both events were held on Thursday. The voting for homecoming queen also took place Thursday as the students entered the MAC. The pep rally was still on Friday.

On each dress up day there is one boy and one girl who are recognized as being the best dressed. This is decided by a committee of teachers. This committee not only looks at the creativity of each student’s costume, but they also look at whether that person is dressed from head-to-toe or not. Best dressed winners received five points for their class. At the end of the week this year, each recipient received a five dollar gift token to Target to spend however they please. On a rare occasion, there can be a tie between two people.

The best dressed winners are as follows:  Monday (Come As You Are Day)– Hayley Parker and John Cook; Tuesday (Biggest Fan Day)– Kaley Poe, Kyle Cartright and Dalis Harlan; Wednesday (Fictional Character Day) – Savanna Reed,  Timothy Neal and Caleb Bruce; Thursday (Class Color Day) (Sophomores – Purple, Juniors – Orange, Seniors – Green) – Lindsay Rice and Josh Freeman; Friday (School Spirit Day) – no winners were chosen.

On Thursday morning the talent show began.  There are three parts to the talent show: the talent, lip sync, and skit. The points for this are third place receives five points, second place wins 10 points and first place gets 15 points. The talent portion was held first. Winners were third place, Kalee James; second place, John Cook, Mallory Steele, Cherie Watson and Nicole Poe;  and first place, Amanda Green. After the talent show, the lip sync competition started. The winners of the lip sync were Heath Hawkins and Kaley Poe, third place; Heath Hawkins, Dalton Womack, Adrian Mondragon, Brandon Atkieson and Caleb Bruce, second place;  Jenny Walker,  Drey Crabtree, Drew Berry  and Brent Ray, first place. Last but not least was the skit portion. The winners were Colby Qualls, Taylor Owens and Nathan Whitlow, third place; Whitlee Rolland, Nicole Poe, Michel Beaird, Heath Hawkins and Dalton
Womack, second place and Shelby Qualls and Whitlee Rolland, first place.

Thursday afternoon held an afternoon full of wacky events. The Wacky Olympics started after lunch. For the first time for as long as anyone can remember, the unthinkable happened, all three grades tied! Each team scored 110 points.

The seniors did very well in the dress up days this year. They stood undefeated all week, that was, until Friday. On the dress up days, absences can really hurt a class. Those who are absent are counted as if they were there and not dressed up. So due to the amount of absences the seniors had Friday, they didn’t get first place. All week except for Friday the seniors won the dress up days, with juniors second and sophomores third. On Friday, the juniors captured first place with the seniors second and sophomores third.

Another change in homecoming week this year was that there was a canned food drive. This was held in November. The food went to the American Legion to be passed out to needy families. Our school raised around 20,000 ounces. The seniors got first, receiving 15 points, the juniors got second, winning 10 points and the sophomores got third, receiving five points.

At the end of the week, the seniors earned first place overall, with the juniors coming in second followed by the sophomores.