Adventurous eaters should give Kumarn a try

BIANCA GARCIA – Hoof Prints Staff

The Kumarn restaurant located in Jonesboro is a great place to dine, especially if you enjoy trying new things. The hosts greeted us at the door and seated us very quickly. Our waiter was very nice; he even recommended different types of dishes for us to try.

The food is very culturally influenced. It’s a mixture of Chinese, French, Italian, but mainly Thai. I tried several dishes such as the fried rice, noodles pad Thai, and chicken yellow curry. In my opinion, the food tasted nothing like what I expected. I only liked the fried rice, but if you like Thai food or like to try new types of foods, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Also the food here is spicy. On the bottom of the menu it shows you a three star rating on how spicy the food is, one star meaning not very spicy. Kumarn also has a variety of French, Thai and Italian desserts.

The environment there is very modern. You have the option to sit at a table or at a booth. There is also a lounge area in case there is a long wait. The lighting in there gives off a calm and romantic mood. The lights get dimmer as the evening progresses. The restrooms are also very clean and decorated nicely.

Kumarn is located at 1699 Stadium Blvd, Suite E in Jonesboro. After being reviewed, the Kumarn restaurant on Stadium in Jonesboro deserves a “yay.”