A truckload of something

A truckload of something


(Editor’s note-Hoof Prints staff recently checked out the purses, lockers and cars of students to see how the contents of these spaces give insight to the owners)

GREYDON WILLIAMS – Hoof Prints Editor

By looking in someone’s vehicle, you might be able to tell if he is organized or what his hobbies are. At first glance of the back of junior Griffin Varner’s truck, you might wonder why he has so many tools, and at second glance you might wonder what  the two big black metal boxes are. Upon finding out what they are you may question just why anyone would have a train horn in the back of his truck.

“I have a train horn, cause it’s awesome,” Varner said, “I don’t use it yet, it’s not hooked up.”

Varner always keeps tools in the back of his truck and his air compressor. Whether it be for emergencies or for working, his truck has what he needs.

“I basically work out of the back of my truck so I keep what I need,” Varner said.

Occasionally though Varner has even stranger items than a train horn in his truck.

“I have deer head in the back that I just picked up,” Varner said.  “I’m gonna mount it for my little brother.”

Varner is also a member of the FFA and he frequently shows animals. He has a fair amount of showing equipment across his back seat.

“Mostly though I just have a bunch of junk in my truck,” Varner said.

One thing Griffin always makes sure is that he has plenty of diesel in his truck because the few times he has let it slide with the old “I can make it to a gas station” it has cost him

“Me and my mom were in Memphis driving down the highway and we ran out of diesel,” Varner said “I was a little scared cause I didn’t really know what to do.”

If you were to look into Varner’s truck now it might have less than it used to. Varner recently purchased a second truck and is working on transferring things to that one.

“I’ve got to half things out between the two, so I’ll be prepared in both,” Varner said.