A Taste of Paris


Meagan Love, Writer

Ice Paris is a small ice cream shop that is hidden away in a small shopping center on Nettleton. They have multiple unique options on the menu. There were options to fulfill every mood you could possibly be in.


It was one of the best ice cream experiences i’ve had in my entire life. The experience of watching the servers make my ice cream right in front of me was extremely different and unique. It was unlike any other ice cream shop I have seen before.


Their fast service made the ice cream all that much better. As soon as the ice cream touched my mouth, it immediately melted. It was so creamy and amazingly unique.


I ordered a DIY. It was strawberry ice cream with marshmallows, snickers, chocolate chips, nutella sauce and a big dollop of whipped cream.


Although the service was pretty fast, the music was way too loud and the workers seemed to be uncomfortable and irritated with serving us. There was also very little seating and it’s always packed due to the amazing ice cream.


My ice cream was inexplicably wonderful. If you ever find yourself in Jonesboro with nothing to do, I highly recommend going and spoiling yourself with this decadent treat.