A Record Breaking Midnight: Taylor Swift Continues her Reign


Christa Austin, Writer

When Taylor Swift announced her newest album this year at the VMAs, fans lost their minds.  Swift is known for leaving cryptic messages in her music and posts,  which originally led to fans assuming she was going to announce a re-recording; However fans were shocked to find out TS10 or “Midnights,” her newest album, would be coming out October 21st.  With this being her 10th album, not including her infamous re-recordings, the 13 track album took fans through waves of every emotion.  The concept for the album is Taylor’s songs written on 13 sleepless nights, hence the name “Midnights.”  She delves into these nights in her songs and it’s very noticeable, even through the upbeat songs. She writes about her feelings in their purest form,  which gives fans an even deeper understanding of Swift’s personal psyche, and creates an even stronger connection between the artist and the listeners.

 Bringing back Taylor’s pop era, the album starts off with “Lavender Haze,” an upbeat song that transports you into a different headspace immediately.  The following tracks tackle Taylor’s self confidence, allowing fans to relate to her, like in the song “Anti-Hero.”  Others like “Snow on the Beach,” “Midnight Rain,” and “Sweet Nothing” bring a calm feeling to settle your mind.

Along with the Thirteen tracks, Swift released a “Midnights (3am version),” which includes an additional seven songs with multiple collaborations and even previous album references.  With added songs like “Bigger Than the Whole Sky”, “The Great War,”  and “Would’ve,Could’ve, Should’ve,” Swift brought more depth and feeling to the overall album.

While the album itself was great for all fans of Swift, it also helped Taylor break many records in the music industry, including some that she herself set.  The most notable out of these is Taylor becoming the first artist ever to have ten of her songs from the album in the top ten spots of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Overall in my opinion it is a “no-skip” album filled with relatable and skillfully written songs, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of swift, who enjoys a good pick me up, and for people new to her discography.