Salad bar creates excitement at cafeteria

COURTNEY MILLER – Hoof Prints Staff

This year, the lunchroom is experiencing more excitement than it has in a long while. Greeting the students on their first day was a gleaming new salad bar. For a few years now the students have been pushing for a salad line to be added to the menu. So why was this year different from the rest? Why were they just now receiving one?  

Superintendent George Edd Holland stated that in recent years past, there didn’t seem to be a need, that it would possibly lose the school money and that there didn’t seem to be enough students that wanted the change for it to benefit.

Holland noted that the average lunchroom barely meets their quota and many hover in the red margins, so therefore it was a hard decision and needed to deliberated over.  The equipment cost also caused concern initially, which was around $6,000 to $7,000.  

However, he says that after looking at several schools over the summer that had made the addition, he was convinced that it would help the school out economically and boost student participation.  

So far, the add has proved successful and is bringing in mainly positive support from the staff as well as the students here at BIC.  

Madison Finch, a sophomore, was glad to see that a healthier alternative was being offered, and eats there whenever it is available.

Mrs. Cindy Lancaster, who is in charge of the salad line, had nothing but positive things to say about it.  She said that as many as 60 kids have been through the line at a time.  She also stated with a sincere smile, “I didn’t realize so many students would enjoy salad, but they do!”  

The bar is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and offers a bowl of lettuce, meat, cheese, a variety of dressings, and is accented with a cracker. A choice of two desserts is also available.  Lancaster says that to those that wish to see items added or improved upon, that comments and suggestions are gladly accepted as well.