$53,000 and many headaches later: technology comes to FACS


MJ Ivy

Matt Hargett assists Andrea Buck with her new technology resources in her FACS classroom.

MJ Ivy

“Where does this go?”

“How am I supposed to connect these?”

“Does this plug go here?”

Walking around the plastic bubble wrap, empty cardboard boxes, and many spread out instruction manuals, Andrea Buck does her best to work her way through the new equipment she has been granted that has taken over her classroom.

The need for new equipment began when she started having some issues with laptops in her Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) classroom. Students couldn’t log onto their accounts, the internet wouldn’t pull up, and the computers would delete documents that students had put hours of work into. She began writing grants and eventually received a $53,000 grant for her students to have new equipment.

“It gives us an opportunity to see what else is out there,” senior Julie Thompson said.

Included in the grant are a Mac for her desk, an interactive Smartboard, 25 student Macbooks, Macbook charging cart, a 13 inch Macbook, and six iPad minis.

Mrs. Buck’s plans for the fun new technology are to make presentations over cooking and family financing, do research on jobs and what kind of requirements they need, and to find the best way to get projects done in a timely manner with new equipment.